WizeGuideZ – Cleanup and Rebranding

WizeGuideZ – Cleanup and Rebranding

Ryan Friedland, of WizeGuideZ Tours, contacted me for some website help.  In his words, his site was “a mess, and it’s hurting my business.”  After having a look myself, I had to agree.


Overlapping content, poor use of whitespace, and the content was very hard to follow.  Ryan had a vision for how he wanted the site to look, but he needed help making that vision a reality.  After a few hours of work, his site was much improved:


I moved some of the front page content to a better location, added TripAdvisor reviews, and contact information.  I also redid the tour information page:


Finally, a new logo was needed. Ryan asked me to change his old logo into a “Hamsa eye”, so I went from this:

To this:

Ryan asked me to strip it down to just the eye, and to use a font like the one in his old logo, so I created this version:

which Ryan was very happy with.


Want something like this for your business? Contact me and we can talk!

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