A mobile-friendly redesign

A mobile-friendly redesign

Recently, James Olson, a longtime client, contacted me with some concerns about his site.  He had viewed his site on a smartphone for the first time, and noticed that it was not mobile-friendly at all.  As I had created his site many years before, when smartphones were not nearly as common as they are today, I hadn’t dealt with how the site would look on smaller screens.  Also, because of the site’s age, the design, while not bad, looked a bit dated.  For those reasons, I recommended a complete rebuild on WordPress.

The old site was hand-coded, and therefore difficult to update.  Also, the header was a Flash animation, which is not supported by mobile devices.  The old site had a minimal amount of responsive CSS, but not enough to make it look good on a phone.  The new site has a clean, modern design, and is fully responsive.

The front page of the new site also has a shiny new slider that highlights the legal services and expertise of Mr. Olson.

The full site can be viewed at http://jamesolsonattorney.com.


Want something like this for your business?  Contact me and we can talk!

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