Cool Moose Jewelry – From a Mascot to Branding

Cool Moose Jewelry – From a Mascot to Branding

Here’s a job from a few years ago.  Cool Moose Jewelry, a small business run by two friends who enjoyed making jewelry out of polymer clay, contacted me for some branding materials.  They had created a small moose mascot, and wanted to use him as the face of their Facebook page and Etsy shop, but needed to digitize him, as he was made out of the same polymer clay as their jewelry.

I started by creating splash images for their Etsy shop and Facebook page.  I used the Live Trace function in Adobe Illustrator (now called Image Trace) to simplify the image of the mascot, and make it look more like an illustration than a photograph.  Then I added the name of the business, Cool Moose Jewelry and Accessories, as well as a textured background.  I needed to create several different versions with different dimensions, due to the image size requirements on Facebook and Etsy, but here is the version I like the best:

Finally, they needed some business cards.  I decided that the splash images would not transfer well to business cards, and that a less heavy design was in order.  I created an outline version of their mascot:

And used it to make this business card:

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